From harvesting to preservation

The olive harvesting times and modes are taken care of and followed by us very carefully, being aware that the organoleptic characteristics of an excellent-quality extra-virgin olive oil widely depend on a correct management of these operating phases.
The right time for harvesting is the beginning of ripening, i.e. when most fruits are still green and others start becoming purple. This operation is performed using facilitating machines (oscillating combs powered by a pneumatic compressor) or trunk shakers and sometimes – in the presence of individual olive trees that are particularly old or grow on terracings with dry masonries – using the manual picking technique, i.e. browsing.
Only the sound olives are selected and immediately placed in well aired boxes, to be subsequently transferred, in the same day, to the oil mill, where they are pressed, not later than 24 hours after being harvested.


An utmost attention is paid to pressing, braking, and extraction, very delicate operations that, thanks to modern technologies, make it possible to prevent the oxidation phenomenon, the enemy number one of extra-virgin olive oil. In order to guarantee excellent results, we rely on an olive press featuring a consolidated experience, that of Giovanni Batta, which uses a continuous operation, cold temperature plant.
In addition to the initial quantity of natural antioxidants, the preservation modes are finally those responsible for affecting, to some extent, the duration of an extra-virgin olive oil. As a matter of fact, the product should be stored far from heat and light sources, so as to prevent the development of oxidation processes and consequently to preserve its properties for a longer period of time.