Our cultivar

A typically Umbrian variety, which is basically cultivated on the hills of the Trasimeno lake. Anticamente i contadini della zona utilizzavano questa varietà per farne delle olive da tavola.
The fruit is ovoidal and slightly asymmetrical.
It features an early ripening, that from green go to red-purplish up to black.
Its blooming is earlier than in “frantoio”, “leccino” and “moraiolo” varieties. Tollera bene le gelate invernali.
The qualitative characteristics of this oil are: green color verging on yellow. Medium-to-light fruity with notes of cut down grass.

This olive tree is present in almost all olive-growing areas in Italy. In Umbria, it is mainly cultivated in new plantings.
Its leaf is elliptic-lanceolate, flat, medium-sized with a grayish green color. Its fruit is ellipsoidal; its ripening is early, simultaneous, and fast.
The maximum inoliation is late. Its blooming is simultaneous to the “frantoio” and “moraiolo” varieties.
Qualitative characteristics of this oil: light green color verging on golden yellow. Its smell is medium fruity, featuring very well balanced bitter, sweet, and spicy notes to the taste.




This variety is cultivated all over the Italian peninsula.
The fruit is medium-sized with an ovoidal-ellipsoidal shape. Ripening is late, scalar, and slow. The color changes from light green to red purplish, and finally to black.
Its blooming takes place at the same time as the “leccino” and “moraiolo” varieties.
Qualitative characteristics of this oil: green with slight yellow lights, it features a rather herbaceous medium-to-intense fruity smell with almond scents. Its taste is very well balanced and opens with bitter and spicy notes. Its chlorophyll and polyphenol content is high.

It’s the cultivar most frequent in Umbria.
Its fruit features a spheric-ovoidal shape and is rather small. During the maturation phase, its color, initially dark green, changes first to red-purplish then to black.
Its blooming is the same as with the “frantoio” and “leccino” varieties. It features a good capability of adaptation to limited water supply conditions and fits well into little deep, loose, and skeleton-rich lands.
Qualitative characteristics of this oil: it’s an oil featuring a firm and captivating character.
Its color is green, sometimes with yellow lights. It’s medium-to-intensely fruity and rich of typically herbaceous and woody notes. At the taste, it opens with artichoke and wild chicory bitter notes and an intense and increasing spicy. Its polyphenol and chlorophyll content is rather high.