Our olive trees tell the time

Preserving the tradition and the memory of the past, safeguarding the territory, while respecting the rhythms and times of the nature and simultaneously looking at the future by crossing the modern territories of communication and introducing technological innovations wherever possible, without prejudice to the authenticity of extra-virgin olive oil, to its pleasant organoleptic characteristics and healthy properties … all of these are the bases of our work.

Producing a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil requires a great passion, an absolute dedication, and a constant attention, addressed to each individual production step: from the cultivation of the olive trees (which are carefully followed up, especially during the delicate blossoming, blooming, and fruit-setting phases) up to harvesting (made at the right time using the most appropriate methods, selected as a function of the type and location of the olive groves), from storage and transportation up to oil extraction and bottling.

Disregarding any of these steps might jeopardize, sometimes irreparably, the final result.
That’s the reason why we, taking advantage of the valuable and qualified support of our technical consultant, directly monitor all steps of the oil production cycle, with the final goal of bringing a very high quality extra-virgin olive oil onto your tables.