Terre di Grifonetto, an evocative name

A charming protagonist of the glorious Renaissance history of Perugia, Grifonetto Baglioni, presently taken as a symbol of the extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage of our territory, inspires the name of our brand.
However, Grifonetto is here evoked not only for his belonging to the family that was most powerful and prestigious in Perugia in those times. As a matter of fact, the emblematic role played by him is strictly related to Raphael, who depicted his features in the character appearing in the middle of the Deposition (1507), now kept in the Borghese Gallery in Rome, but once exposed in the S. Francesco al Prato church in Perugia. A story of loves, battles, and betrayals is hidden behind this famous painting, commissioned to the artist of Urbino by Atalanta Baglioni, desirous of honoring the memory of her handsome son Grifonetto, tragically dead in 1500 during a bloody conspiracy, which is historically referred to as “bloody or vermilion marriage”.
So, what character is better to summarize the passion, richness, and beauties of Umbria, a “land of condottieri and men-at-arms, but simultaneously of saints and artists”?