Presentation Terre di Grifonetto, Dicember 2011

The Terre di Grifonetto project has been presented on December 15th, 2011 at the Umbrian National Gallery, Palazzo dei Priori, in Perugia.

Andrea Cernicchi, councilor responsible for cultural activities at the community of Perugia
Fabio De Chirico, Curator of the Historic, Artistic and Ethnoanthropologic Goods of Umbria
Maria Rita Mantovani Cucchia, president of the Umbrian delegation of AIDDA

Sergio Sacchi, professor of Economic Politics at the University of Perugia

Tiziana Biganti, Historical, Artistic, and Ethnoantropological Goods Office of Umbria, Contamination between art and foods: the example of Grifonetto by Raphael.
Angela Canale, agronomist and consultant Terre di Grifonetto, The art of tasting oil: a pleasure rich of surprises.
Angelica Pistelli, manager Terre di Grifonetto, The “Terre di Grifonetto” project.
Stefano Caliandro, creative director Gusto I.D.S., Communicating excellences in the modern web territories.